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Managing the details of a laboratory transfer can be a time-consuming and stressful undertaking. HMS Van Lines provides expert lab movers in Portland who will deliver excellent service from start to finish. HMS Van Lines’ skilled lab movers handle every detail to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We wouldn’t be able to acquire it any other way.

Reputable facilities seek out safe laboratory moving companies, and HMS Van Lines has executed lab transfers for some of the country’s top labs and colleges. With considerable caution, courteous lab movers who are familiar with the equipment and etiquette work. Our drivers not only know the Portland area well, but they also have clean driving records, lowering the risk of loss and damage while in transit.

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HMS Van Lines plans laboratory relocations ahead of time to avoid disrupting operations. Our employees go to great lengths to ensure the safety of lab equipment, materials, and results. Respected corporations entrust their labs to HMS Van Lines because they know we bring great knowledge and capabilities to every work.

Custom laboratory mobility plans are used to address every detail. Custom-sized crates, cartons, and boxes secure records and equipment. Generators and 220 volt hookups are standard on HMS trucks, ensuring that all of your vital material storage equipment is powered at all times.

HMS Van Lines coordinates sensitive lab movements for a wide range of institutions, including but not limited to:

Lab managers rely on HMS Van Lines. They are certain that our skilled laboratory movers will attend to every detail, no matter how trivial, throughout the moving process. Please contact us to learn more about our safe and efficient laboratory moving services. To acquire a FREE quote for services, simply complete out the Online Price Request form.

Please contact us to get started on your long-distance lab relocation. We’ll go through the specifications and needs for a safe and efficient lab transfer day. To receive a FREE quote, simply complete our Online Quote Request form. HMS Van Lines is looking forward to working with you. You can also call us at 781-747-2687 for more information.

HMS Moving Services is the only company in Massachusetts to offer a full, 100% guarantee on your entire move: you do not pay us until the move is finished. This guarantee applies to residences, businesses, industrial moves, and laboratories.

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Never. Our pricing is binding or not to exceed on most moves; just ask how! We offer a pricing guideline beforehand so that you may pay less than what was quoted, but never more.

Yes! As members of the Boston community since 1960, Boston is our specialty. We post our rates for all local moves, giving you the best prices possible. Give us a call to get a rate now [link to Contact us].

No. The driver who picks up is always the driver who delivers, making us more accountable to you.

Yes. Rather than just providing on-the-job training, our movers are classroom trained before they go to work for you.

HMS Moving Services has been recognized as a premier organization by more than sixteen publications over the years. We have been rated #1 in customer satisfaction by the Southeastern Business Journal in 2009 and 2010!

Having been in existence for half a century, we know the importance of customer service. Our longstanding commitment to quality services and ultimately your happiness makes us the right choice for your moving needs. You just can’t beat a solid guarantee.

Yes. All HMS Moving Services employees are subjected to background and substance screening and personally selected and trained by the Director of Moving whom reports directly to the President.

Yes. We have very high standards for our trucks. All of our trucks must meet or exceed Department of Transportation standards and will never be sent out if not in perfect working order.

We have 18 wheelers, 53 foot trailers, lift gate trucks, generator-equipped trucks, and many more to suit your moving needs.

Yes. A piggyback move is a move in which more than one client shares a truck for cost-effectiveness. Exclusive moves are always available, however.

Yes. East Coast moves are our specialty. With weekly runs to Florida, overnight to Washington D.C. is a simple move.


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